We are Korint and this is our story

We are the mediation agency for (inter)national health care professionals, where employees with an affinity in health care look for the best candidates. We know what the health care system needs. We find talent. We dare to think outside of the traditional box. We don’t limit ourselves to the U.K., we search worldwide for the best candidates. We dream of the perfect health care, provided by professional en intrinsically motivated people. We find ways to further optimise health care through connection and a solution-oriented mindset.

We go for people who want to help and want to care

The shortage of health care professionals keeps growing, and with the ever growing costs, efficiency and employee flexibility becomes evermore important. We want to provide an active contribution to the solution for that shortage by dedicating ourselves to an innovative form of recruitment.

Since our establishment in 2000, we have been searching for health care professionals worldwide. We want people who aren’t just qualified, but intrinsically motivated as well. We choose people who want to help and care because, just like us, they want to provide the best health care.

With offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Spain, we have the opportunity to meet up close to you. There is always someone who can speak your language. And what we find most important, that you feel welcome.

We believe in opportunities without borders

Thanks to our knowledge on the law involving health care and our years of experience, we understand like no other how difficult it is to find the right professional. That’s why we recruit worldwide and work with health care institutions around the globe. That quite literally gives health care professionals opportunities without borders. Think of the motivation and inspiration your employees can experience if they were to temp in Switzerland or Aruba.

We believe that intrinsic motivation is the key to a successful staff occupancy. Optimally motivated health care professionals are prepared to move mountains. That’s why we offer courses and (re)training and the opportunity to take part in special competency development courses, helping you to make the most out of your employees’ potential.

And as a health care professional, you too are in the best hands with us. We find the organisation that fits you, where your personality and competencies can bloom. If you would like to know more about the opportunities to work in Switzerland, Aruba or one of our many other countries, you are always welcome to contact us or join one of our information evenings.

This is our team

And we’re proud of them.

Monique Kalicharan

Recruitment Caribbean

Reinout Hemmer

Recruitment Switzerland

Conny Goller

Content creation

Nina Pahlplatz

Recruitment Netherlands

Ellen Pijnenburg


Goof Classens


Lonneke Snaaijer

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Jesper Mannie

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Suzanne Verhagen

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Want to join our team?

We look for professionals with passion, empathy and strong communication skills who always search for the best solutions for the health care branche.

Linda Sanstra


Boris van Dun

Interface & experience

Richard Meulesteen


Erick Severijns


David Haussmann


Harrie ten Dolle


Natasja Janssens


Quint de Bruin


Chris Klaas


Joris ten Dolle


Melissa Bühler


Melvin Sevenich


Robert Scholte


Saja Ahmad


Sjors van den Broek


Dorus Martin


Willem Jan Putto

Software development

Rob van den Dobbelsteen

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