May 25, 2020

Coronavirus: a hindrance for your international adventure?

The world-gripping coronavirus obviously had a big impact on almost every sector. The expectations are high for the health care sector and all the health care professionals have shown us what they’re made of. Slowly but surely the borders are reopening, what developments are there at the moment internationally?

Many hospitals have reorganised to accommodate the heavy waves of corona patients. Seen as only emergency care was possible, many treatments and appointments have been postponed. The consequences are endless.

It was also not possible as a health care professional to look beyond the borders since most of them were closed. During the worldwide standstill, Korint spent extra time maintaining and developing international connections so that our relationships are set in place when the world reopens. Many countries are slowly returning to normal, so your opportunities as a health care professional are increasing.


“We work from the Netherlands and Switzerland to help health care professionals find the perfect job in Swiss health care. We’ve noticed an increase in applications from different institutions, so we’re ready to find your dream job!”

Reinout Hemmer and Sjors van den Broek, recruitment specialists Switzerland.


Korint can help you find a job in Switzerland. Are you adventurous and open to a challenge in Switzerland? Contact us to chat about your opportunities!

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