5 reasons to work abroad

Mar 6, 2020

Would you like to work in Switzerland, Germany, England, the Netherlands or maybe even the Caribbean? It’s all possible with Korint. But why would you make the move abroad? We have five reasons for you right here.

Personal growth

You’re leaving your safe space behind, stepping out of your comfort zone. In your home country, you have your routine, your comfortable life and work. You know what’s expected of you.

But the moment you leave that behind and step outside of the box, you really get to know yourself and grow into your true potential. You learn how you act in unexpected, daunting situations; you get to know how you adjust to a new environment. Moving abroad is like is an investment in yourself.

You’ll meet new friends and colleagues and explore new surroundings, in and out of the workplace. You won’t only learn new skills from the locals you work with, but other international colleagues. Everyday, you’ll take steps towards your best self.

It looks great on your resumé

When you return home from abroad and start searching for a new job, potential employers will notice your experience abroad. It looks great! It shows your not afraid to take on a challenge.

Employers abroad also like taking on international employees. The diversity and knowledge they bring along is irreplaceable.


Your time abroad will be so enrichening: learning new cultures, habits, and surroundings. Every country is different. It teaches you different approaches to situations and problems, fuelling you for whatever falls on your path.

It’s also great to learn another language. It’s always a great step, no matter what language. It only adds to your personal growth.


Thinks won’t always go smoothly during your time abroad. It’s necessary to be flexible during your work, so you can adjust well to unforeseen situations and find the right solution. However flexible you are right now; you’ll only learn from it.

A unique experience

Of course, it’s an incomparable experience to live and work abroad. It’s unforgettable, memories you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

What are you waiting for?

Feel free to contact us to chat about the international opportunities.

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