Before your invited for a job interview, you have to make a resume. It isn’t always easy, especially when you want to stand out. You’re never the only applicant for a vacancy. How do you make your resume professional and attention grabbing? We have a few tips for you.


To start off, it’s so important that you include your details. Your full name, date of birth, address, email address and telephone number need to be present. Next, it’s good to introduce yourself with a personal summary. After that, present your work experience and degrees. The most recent ones should come first, this is the most relevant. Any relevant certifications should be added too.

Professional photo

Many job seekers wonder if they should add a photo to their resume. Our advice is YES! A pleasant photo, looking right in the camera with a smile. It helps to make a memorable impression on potential employers and helps to give them an impression of who you are.

Adjust it to the job you’re looking for

If your resume is relevant to the vacancy you’re applying to, there’s a bigger chance you’ll be invited to an interview. Are you applying for a job in health care? It’s handy to leave out parts that aren’t relevant to that. Only write about relevant work, skills, certifications and diplomas.

The more unnecessary information on your resume, the faster the reader will lose interest. It takes away from the power of the information they’re looking for. Check your resume well and make sure all the relevant information is included.

Attention grabbing and formal

It’s important that your resume stands out. A nice layout helps, but don’t overdo it. It can be attention grabbing for the wrong reasons too. It should stay formal, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Have your resume checked

The resume is ready to be sent to possible employers! But don’t forget to have it checked by others. They could find little mistakes that you missed. Some extra feedback is always good!

Save it as a PDF

Save your resume as a ‘Portable Document Format’ (PDF). That means that the document can’t lose its layout. That way, if it’s opened on a different device, like a phone or tablet, the text and pictures won’t have moved.

Lining it out

Use the same layout and style throughout the whole resume. Line up all the text to the left, it looks more professional.


To make your resume more orderly, use subheading. It helps the reader find the parts they’re looking for easier. Give them clear names, like work experience, education, skills, etc.

With these tips, your resume will less likely be left at the bottom of the pile. But if you want some extra help, contact us and we can help you find your dream job in health care!

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