9 tips for a perfect application letter

Apr 20, 2020

It’s not easy to apply for jobs in these trying times, but it’s far from impossible. To increase your chances, it important to present yourself in a positive and professional manner. What’s the best way to accomplish this? In this blog entry, we’ll look into the dos of writing a motivation letter.

1. Clarity

It’s important that your letter is clear and orderly. Use paragraphs and a font that is easy to read; it portrays professionalism. Make sure you include all important information and a neat layout in the document.

2. Write as yourself

Often, people feel it’s necessary to send in application letters with difficult words. It’s good to want to impress you possible future employer, but it’s important to write the letter in a way that fits with your personality. Write it how you wold actually speak. It’s about you, as a person. Don’t make it too hard and use words you’d actually use if you were talking to someone instead of writing to them.

3. Adjust the letter to the vacancy

Just like when you make your resume, it’s important to make your application letter relevant to the vacancy you’re writing it for. Read the vacancy and pick up on the criteria and expectations and think about it what ways you can use examples of your own experience and competencies to stand out from the crowd. Make sure you form clear sentences and arguments.

4. Have someone proofread your letter

When proofreading something as important as an application letter, it’s important to check it for grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s not very professional if your letter is filled with mistakes. Definitely take the time to proofread it yourself, but it never hurts to have your partner, family or friends check it too; they might see things you missed and help you make sure your letter is perfect!

5.Keep it to one page!

In accordance to tip 1, you letter needs to be orderly. To keep unnecessary information to a minimum, limit yourself to one page. Tell your story with short, strong paragraphs. Extra information just takes away from the power of your words.

6. Stick to the guidelines

Hand in all your documents on time and if the recipient asks for it to be in a certain format, for example as a PDF, make sure you do it as requested.

7. In line with your resume

Make sure your resume and application letter complement each other. Don’t make the information identical, but choose to expand on your relevant work experience, skills and certifications in your letter. Convince the reader that you are the perfect candidate, be unforgettable!

8. Entice you future employer

An exciting opener is key. Grab the reader’s attention in the first sentence so they want to keep reading. And you want them to keep reading so they can find out that you are the perfect fit!

9. Call to action

End your letter with a so-called ‘call to action’. Let them know you’d love to get to know them in person, that’s obviously the goal of your letter.

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