Working in the Netherlands as health care professional. What are the advantages? And why Korint?

Maybe you ask yourself why you would go to the Netherlands as health care professional. What does this flat land have to offer you? The answer is: a lot.

Life in general in the Netherlands is ranked quite highly according to the OECD better life index, this is due to Life expectancy, quality of water and air, disposable income, employment and education it is one of the countries in the top 5 with the highest rate of a happy life.

The work life as health care professional has a lot advantages: A good environment, the people are nice, a 36-hour workweek, a good salary, a non-hierarchical workplace culture, a good health care system and plenty of career advancement opportunities.


The Dutch health care


The Netherlands is well known for its high quality of healthcare. The employees are highly trained and gladly share their knowledge with colleagues. This will help you take steady steps forward and quickly feel at home in the institution that you will be working in. You will learn new things everyday thanks to the high level of expertise. You will grow and develop your skills and knowledge and be up to date with the newest technology and trends in healthcare. The access to high quality healthcare in the Netherlands is generally higher than or comparable to the surrounding countries. Every day will be a new adventure with the many diverse patients you will see.

Working together

Employers in the Netherlands are generally very satisfied with the international healthcare professionals. It does help a lot to have a good grasp on the language. When you show an effort to learn the native tongue, your colleagues will appreciate how hard you are working and will respect you all the more. 


Personal growth

Obviously, there are pros and cons to an adventure abroad. You shouldn’t be afraid of a new challenge. you go to a new environment and don’t know what to expect. Leaving your familiar surroundings is a big step. In your home country, you’re accustomed to your life and work. You know what is expected of you. During your stay in the Netherlands, you will learn a lot about yourself and how you react in certain situations. You will be really investing in your personal growth. You will make new friends and meet new colleagues. This makes it so important that you quite literally step out of your comfort zone for this exciting chance.


Korint is there for you

In The Netherlands they have a shortage of healthcare professionals that means a lot of great opportunities for you. Korint will help with your search to the perfect job in the Netherlands. many foreign employees can start working

Immediate Due to a high employee shortage. However, it is important to learn the Dutch language to B1 level, and of course to find a place to live in the Netherlands. Korint will help you with this and give you complete guidance for your adventure.

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