“The measures are being followed and there are enough protection resources.”

Ilse van Bommel, Operation assistant experience during the Coronavirus.

Ilse works in the operating room at a clinic. During the corona outbreak, not many operations were being done. She was transferred to a nursing ward. Want to know her experience? Keep reading.

Corona safety measures

The clinic is quite well organised. All the measures the RIVM (the Dutch equivalent of the WHO) have put up are being followed en there are enough resources to protect us against the corona virus. Every Friday, a video is shared to keep us up to date with changes and progress in our clinic.
There’s also the possibility to follow trainings when you (possibly) help on the corona ward. I did the training myself. The training zoomed in on the usage of protective clothing, to lower the chances of you getting infected. We also do role playing games with a doll and an anesthetist to practice. It helps us to learn how to measure the vital functions and how to react in certain situations if a patient seems to be declining.


At first, I had to get used to it, seeing as I had been a nurse a relatively long time ago. My colleagues were really helpful and everyone is there for one another. I actively make use of this, because I want to do my work well. I feel secure on the ward because of this. While working, we make use of the necessary protective clothing, including a facemask, glasses and a hairnet.

The workpressure

On our ward, the work pressure isn’t too bad. This is partly because I wasn’t working in a corona ward. A lot of patients come in then, and unfortunately, many people die in the corona ward. It has a huge impact.
In the operating room, I came into contact with two corona patients. We were well prepared, as we are often in contact with isolated patients. We have protocols for it.
On my nursing ward, we had one suspected case come in. The patient was isolated and treated until the test came back positive. The patient was then transferred to a ward for corona patients.

It’s important to do your best to stay healthy, keep your distance and not do anything reckless.

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