“I was welcomed with open arms and I felt heard.”

Jorinde van Manen, Nursing assistant England

Jorinde worked as a nurse for two and a half years in a hospital in Rotterdam, but her dream was to work abroad. On the first of March 2020, her dream came true and she started working as a nursing assistant for Salutem. In this blog, she shares her story.

A while ago, I went to an emigration convention to see how I could start working abroad. I concluded that an English speaking country was what I was looking for. When I saw the vacancy ‘Nursing assistant Cambridge’, I knew it was a unique opportunity for me. Working in England, without needing a nursing degree. I applied for the vacancy and things moved really fast from there.

English exam

To work in England as a nurse, one has to pass an English exam. This was a problem for me. I speak English quite well, but I found the exam difficult. I followed classes for a while to pass it. My level progressed too slowly, which made my interest in England wane. That was until I found this vacancy! Working as a nursing assistant in England allows me to gain experience while working on my English language, preparing myself for the exam.

Introduction with Salutem

Last week, I spent a weekend in England to meet Salutem. The first impression was nice, I was welcomed with open arms and I felt really heard!

The first two weeks, I’ll be shadowing a colleague. You get trained and can observe an experienced colleague and how they do their work. You can’t immediately work independently. After the first two weeks, an evaluation is done on how you experienced the first two weeks. Salutem often works with international employees, so I’m not the only one taking on this exciting challenge!

Personal development first

At Salutem, the aim is to keep developing yourself. They offer online learning programs. I can already start these courses. There are different ones, for example ones about epilepsy and the use of medication. It’s important to follow these courses to show you can keep developing yourself.

Arranging accommodation

On march the first, I’ll be leaving on my own, headed for Cambridge. Last weekend, I viewed a few homes. Salutem doesn’t specifically help with living arrangements. They give advise on what neighbourhoods are the best choice. Finding accommodation is relatively easy. There’s a website with many homes listed. It’s quite similar to a Dutch site called Funda. A tip is to visit the houses yourself. Some houses look quite different in real life than on pictures.

To view a house, you have to confirm at least 24 hours before if you can view a house. So if you spend a weekend in Cambridge, it’s a good idea to plan well in advance to view houses.

In the authentic city of Cambridge, I felt at home straight away. It’s a student friendly city. It was so interesting to see how big and international the city is.

I can’t wait to start in a few months and tell you about my experiences working at Salutem.

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