Jesper Mannie

With your wishes in mind, I find the perfect match between candidate and client, inland and abroad.

Welcome to my personal page

My name is Jesper Mannie and I work as an anesthesia tech for Koraal PMS. In the middle of 2018, I moved from the province of Brabant to the Hague, to take on a professional, but also personal, challenge. Now I live close to the coast, I have taken up surfing and kite surfing. At the moment, I work at the Haaglanden medical centre. Recruiting as an anesthesia tech interests me because of the flexibility that is asked of you. I also see this as the biggest challenge.

I’ve been certified for three years now. By working in different hospitals throughout the country, I can continue to develop myself on a professional level. It also expands my network of health care professionals; something I wish for you too. Are you enthusiastic and looking for a new challenge? Feel free to contact me and I will help you find a fitting workplace!


With dedication and sustainable relations, I enjoy working with you towards better health care.


I promise everyone a job in health care, in your home country or abroad. Are you ready for the challenge?


I want to provide an active contribution to the solution for the shortage of health care professionals.


I use professional recruitment and planning tools, so I can get the best results.

Feel free to contact me

To discuss the possibilities for you.

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