Find the perfect health care professional

As a health care institution, you want the best people for your organisation and motivated employees that want to provide the best care for clients and patients.

Why work with us?

With our network of care workers, (specialised) nurses, lateral entrants, helpers, doctors, physical therapists, anesthesia assistants, surgical assistants and gynecologists, we can find the right candidate for (almost) every health care institution.

Recruiters with a background in health care

Thanks to our knowledge of health care, we understand like no other what your organisation needs.

National and international

We find candidates not only in the U.K., but many international countries, for example, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Caribbean.

Years of knowledge and experience

We have been proving that knowledge and experience helps the recruitment of quality candidates since 1999.

Sustainable collaboration

We like to build long term relations, therefore, we make agreements that fit your organisation.

Our method

Before we start recruiting, we begin a thorough analysis of your health care institution. We find it important to know about the atmosphere, your wishes and needs and the core competences of your permanent employees. That way, we can expertly find what your organisation really needs.

We start with a HR scan

Using this HR-scan, we look into where we find issues in the organisation and the solution for them.

Specifying the necessary tools

The next step is to check out the strategies of recruitment you have already implemented and what we can add to that.

Only the perfect match remains

We only offer health care professionals that perfectly fit the wishes and needs of your organisation after our thorough screening.

National recruitment

We make sure that your vacancy is easily accessible on And thanks to our goal-oriented (online) marketing campaigns, we reach the targeted group. That’s how we find the perfect candidate effectively and fast.

We check the official documents

The degrees and other necessary documents are carefully measured and qualified. We can therefore guarantee that the health care professionals we supply have the necessary qualifications.

Talent, experience and personal skills

During the selection process, we thoroughly consider the talent, experience and personal competences of the candidates. We give our all to find the perfect match for every health care professional and organisation.

International recruitment

As an organisation, when you start looking for international candidates, we can really show our value. Besides the laws in your own country, you also have obligations and formalities of labor laws in other countries.

International experts

Our international experts thoroughly analyse your situation. They draw up and inventory of your wishes, demands and risks and make sure the candidates have the necessary fluency in language.

Worldwide partner network

When recruiting international employees, we make use of partners, such as the university of Barcelona and our well established network in Germany.

Screened and prepared

Before they are introduced to the health care organisation, the candidate is extensively screened on certification, degree, language level and (work)experience.

Feel free to contact us

To discuss the possibilities.