Work on Martinique as health care professional

Have you always dreamed of working abroad? This is your chance to work on the small but beautiful island Martinique There are multiple medical facilities on Martinique. When you work on Martinique you get complete guidance from Korint. We arrange all your documents and permits, and we help you find accommodation. You can enjoy every second of your time in the Caribbean, let us worry about the necessities.


Your workplace

Martinique is an island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Together with French Guiana  Martinique is one of the Special Collectivity of France and therefore an part of the French Republic, with a land area of 1,128 square kilometres and a population of 376,480 inhabitants. . Martinique is also an Outermost Region (OMR) of European Union as a special territory of the European Union

and the currency they use is the euro. Virtually the entire population speaks both French and Martinican Creole. The island is dominated by the volcano Mount Pelee. The capital city of Martinique is Fort de France. A stunning Caribbean jungle and beautiful beaches to rest after a day of hard work.

Nature and culture

The Carribean islands have the most beautifull beaches and  a very relaxed culture 


always in contact with international colleagues and tourists 


the hospital arrange your housing for the first months 


there is a lot of social contact between the international colleagues 

quality improvement

the quality of healthcare improves on the Caribbean island, with your help

Experience Caribbean 

see here some expercience from our health care profesionals working in the Caribbean

A dream coming true, working in this beautiful country as emergency nurse 

Chantal Jansen

Emergency nurse Sint-Maarten

Enjoy! it is an unique experience to work on Aruba!

Josina Weber

IC Nurse, Aruba

the best thing about working on Aruba is the diversity. in the hospital they have doctors and specialists from all over the world. 

Oguz Yapru

Nurse anesthetist, Aruba

U.K. contact person

During the preparation en during the working period, there’s always someone in the U.K. who is there for you.

For your comfort

There is no easier and more comfortable way to make your international dreams come true.

Want to work for an health care institution in the Caribbean?

Then you’re in the right place. Let us know what your wishes and needs are and we’ll start the job hunt for your perfect adventure.