Work in Switzerland as health care professional

Have you always dreamed of working abroad? This is your chance! You can work in Switzerland with complete guidance at the hand of Korint. We arrange all your documents and permits and we help you find accommodation. You can enjoy every second of your time in Switzerland, let us worry about the necessities.

Advantages of working in Switzerland

With our personal strategy, we coordinate the entire process en support you with full guidance. We help you find accommodation, arrange extra language course and where necessary, help you with your documents. That way, we can be certain that your work in Switzerland will be a complete success.


In Switzerland, salary is above average when compared to other countries.


In Switzerland, more hands are on the work floor so that the workload with well distributed.


You work together daily with many (international) colleagues.

Focus on care

You get a lot of independence and you have less administrative tasks.

Health care

The health care in Switzerland is modern and high quality.

Nature and culture

Switzerland is a beautiful country with a rich culture.

U.K. contact person

During the preparation en during the working period, there’s always someone in the U.K. who is there for you.

For your comfort

There is no easier and more comfortable way to make your international dreams come true.

Want to work for an health care institution in Switzerland?

Then you’re in the right place. Let us know what your wishes and needs are and we’ll start the job hunt for your perfect adventure.

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